Quick Reference clips for Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.
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Quick Reference clips for...
Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access.

Use these for on-demand training and
-after the training is over "quick reference"

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Tim Owens

World's Greatest Microsoft Certified Trainer...since 1997.
-17 years teaching Microsoft Office
-9 years continuous Microsoft Trainer for the City of Beverly Hills
-Veteran - United States Marine Corps
Creator of these videos and website ...
Thank you for supporting a Veteran owned business.

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Why choose us?

No other Microsoft Office training
website gives you 2 products in 1;
Lesson by Lesson clips AND Index clips. What a value!
                ---(1) Lesson by Lesson clips are good for you to
engage in self-guided / self-paced training.

                ---(2) Indexed clips are good for you --
after training has long been over...
                and when you are back at your desk and need help fast!
            --- (Note) Who can remember EVERYTHING they learned while at training? No one.

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